JACO Elite Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

JACO Elite Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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Experience the perfect blend of precision and durability with the Elite™ Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. Designed for those who demand accuracy and reliability, this gauge is a testament to JACO’s commitment to superior quality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Professional Accuracy: This gauge is calibrated to ANSI Grade 2A standards, ensuring accuracy within ±0.50% full scale.
  • High Precision: Offers a precise resolution of 0.10 PSI, allowing for meticulous tire pressure adjustments.
  • Rugged Construction: Built from 100% solid brass, this gauge is shielded by a shock-resistant protective guard, ensuring it withstands the test of time and rough handling.
  • Advanced Features: Comes with a large 2-inch LCD screen with a blue LED backlight for clear visibility in low light conditions. The readings lock onto the display until reset, and there’s an integrated air bleeder valve for quick pressure adjustments.
  • Battery Efficient: Features an auto shut-off function that powers off the gauge after 150 seconds of inactivity, preserving battery life. It operates on 2x AAA batteries (included).

Additional Insights: The Elite™ Digital Tire Pressure Gauge has been recognized as the “Best Value Tire Pressure Gauge” in 2021 by Popular Mechanics. It’s designed, engineered, and tested for quality and accuracy in the USA. With its built-in air bleeder and 360° swivel ball-style air chuck, checking and adjusting tire pressure has never been more convenient.

This tire pressure gauge is an indispensable tool for every vehicle owner, ensuring optimal tire health and performance on the road.