Counteract Adhesive Wheel Weights

Counteract Adhesive Wheel Weights Price: $49.99 (as of 01/02/2024 21:08 PST- Details)


Counteract Stick-on wheel weights are made of the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance.

SUPERIOR QUALITY – Highest quality Zinc, with extremely accurate tolerances makes sure the weight of the product is accurate. Zinc weights do not allow for rust or oxidization of the weights themselves.
ANTI-CORROSION –The weight surface is protected by multi-layer powder coating tech aiding in anticorrosion protection from the elements.
ADHESIVE – Adhesive is the best in the industry ensuring a firm adhesion to the wheel and able to withstand all weather conditions and climates.
ECO-FRIENDLY – Lead-free weights
SPECIFICATIONS – Each weight is 1/4oz (0.5oz) and comes on a roll with a total of 176oz or 704 individual weights.

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