Slime Tire Repair Plug Kit

Slime Tire Repair Plug Kit Price: $7.17 (as of 05/18/2024 19:25 PST- Details)


Equip yourself with the Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit, a comprehensive solution for those unexpected tire punctures. This 11-piece kit ensures you have everything you need to quickly and efficiently repair punctures and get back on the road.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Tools: The kit includes a pistol-grip handle reamer and plugger tool, both with a reach depth of 68mm, ensuring ease of use and effective puncture repairs.
  • Heavy-Duty Tire Strings: Comes with 3 heavy-duty black tire strings (7-ply) and 5 extra-long black tire strings (5-ply) to suit various puncture sizes.
  • Plug Bond: The kit contains a tube of Plug Bond (.41 fluid oz) to ensure a secure and lasting repair.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a range of tubeless off-road tires, including ATVs, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers.

Additional Insights: The Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit is designed to provide a reliable solution for tire punctures, ensuring you’re always prepared for any tire-related emergencies. With its comprehensive set of tools and accessories, this kit is a must-have for every vehicle owner.

Stay safe and ensure your tires are always in top condition with the Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit.