Eastwood Precision Tire Balancer

Eastwood Precision Tire Balancer

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If you’re constantly changing tires and wheels, this DIY Electronic Wheel Balancer is a must for your shop. This 2-on-1 unit complements our Swing Arm Tire Changer to Do the Job Right. Once your tires are properly mounted on the wheel, give them a spin on the rotator to measure the weight. The digital display compares the tires so you know what clip-on or stick weights to add. The machine will fit wheels up to 24 inches in diameter and 20 inches wide, letting you balance a huge variety of car, truck and SUV wheels.

A Digital Wheel Balancing Machine is great for race shops, professional tire shops and anyone who has a large fleet of vehicles. By getting the tire and wheel properly balanced, there will be fewer vibrations and more even tire wear while driving. All hardware is included for precision balancing, and there’s also a protective hood in case debris kicks up or the wheel comes loose. It takes just eight seconds to get an accurate measurement! We provide lifetime tech support on this balancer that is used by many of our team members.

PRECISION WHEEL BALANCING: The Eastwood Electronic Wheel Balancer Brings The Convenience And Economy Of A Professional, High Precision Tire And Wheel Balancer To The Well-Equipped Diy Or Race Shop. Taking only 8 second to digitally measure your tire and wheel whilst providing high accuracy readings.

SUITABLE FOR: Rim diameter range from: 10” to 24” and rim width range from: 1.5” To 20” Making it suitable for a huge collection of cars, trucks, and SUV’s. What’s more with this car tire balancer machine you will receive LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT to ensure you’re always up & running!

EASTWOOD QUALITY: Eastwood offers solutions which combines our 4,000+ unique products with the know-how to “Do The Job Right”. With an In-house product design, development and testing and a strong track record of high-quality, innovative products. Used and trusted by top builders to beginners and also provides a Lifetime Tech Support.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Always read and fully understand the instruction manual before operating this unit. Always wear proper personal safety equipment while operating this unit.

WARRANTY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Since 1978. We stand behind our solutions and customers. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty and 90-day return.