Counteract Tire Valve Stem Puller/Installer with Rubber Boot

Counteract Tire Valve Stem Puller/Installer with Rubber Boot Price: $9.02 (as of 06/18/2024 01:30 PST- Details)


The Counteract Valve Stem Puller provides a quick and easy way to install and remove valve stems. It features a sleek steel body with a knurled handle that provides a non-slip grip, while the rubber boot protects wheels and rims from possible damage. The tool’s head pivots to provide leverage against the rim of the wheels and straightens for easy rotation. And at 12.5-inches long, this tool provides all the leverage necessary to remove stubborn valve stems. If you sell or service tires, then you’ll come to rely on this integral tool! Counteract is an industry leader in automotive and industrial specialty tools and equipment, manufacturing the highest quality, unique, and innovative tools and products, designed to meet the specific needs of mechanics, contractors, and other working professionals.

Strong steel construction with rubber boot to help protect wheels and rims from possible damage due to force or slipping.
Off-set head allows for easy work on most aftermarket wheels and rim flanges.
Threaded head makes installing and removing rubber or EPDM valve stems a breeze.
At 12.5 inches long, you have all the leverage you need to remove and install stubborn valve stems.
Textured handle aids in grip and prevents slippage of the tool under force.