Counteract Analog Tire Pressure Gauge

Counteract Analog Tire Pressure Gauge Price: $14.99 (as of 07/10/2024 04:28 PST- Details)


Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge is one of a kind! It presents a 90-degree head that is perfect for those difficult to reach valve stems on your motorcycle. Getting in behind your brake disc and sprocket to check your pressure is no longer a challenge. The complete metal constructed gauge is high quality and durable, able to withstand daily use and be brought on the road with you for easy tire pressure monitoring. With pressure readings from 5-50psi (50-300kPa) you can inure that you are covered. Each gauge is packaged and sold individually.

  • 90 degree head for those difficult to access valve stems.
  • High quality all metal construction.
  • 5-50psi (50-300kPa) readout.
  • Made by Counteract Balancing Beads.
  • Packaged dividually. Custom red head with black anodized body with Counteract engraving.