CKAuto Tire Plug Kit

CKAuto Tire Plug Kit Price: $19.99 (as of 07/14/2024 06:07 PST- Details)


Comprehensive Car Emergency Solution: The CKAuto Universal Tire Repair Kit is a complete solution for tire repair needs. It includes a variety of essential tools: 1 T-handle Insertion Tool, 1 Insertion Tool Replacement, 1 T-handle Probe Spiral, 1 Probe Spiral Replacement, 20 4″ Repair Plugs, 4 Valve Stem Caps, 1 4-Way Valve Stem Tool, 1 Jar of Lubricant, 1 “L” Hex Key, 4 Valve Cores, 1 Knife, and 1 convenient carrying Bag. This kit is designed to meet all your tire repair requirements thoroughly.

Premium Quality Materials: The kit features T-handle Tools made from high-strength, rustless zinc alloy for durability and ease of use. The tire repair strips are crafted from the best natural rubber and are provided in an airtight bag, ensuring excellent ageing resistance and long-lasting performance.

User-Friendly Design: Designed for ease of use, this kit allows you to repair punctures in all tubeless tires without the need to remove the tire from the rim. With detailed instructions included, anyone can efficiently and correctly repair their flat tire, no professional skills required.

Universal Fit for Various Vehicles: This kit is a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles with tubeless tires, including Autos, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, RVs, SUVs, Jeeps, Tractors, Trailers, Mowers, and more. Please note that this kit is not suitable for tube tires.

Portable and Organized: The CKAuto Universal Tire Repair Tools are neatly organized in a compact, portable carry bag. The tire plugs are stored in an airtight plastic bag to maximize their shelf life. This arrangement makes the kit an ideal car emergency accessory, ready for any unexpected tire issues.

Overall, the CKAuto Tire Repair Kit is a must-have for drivers seeking a reliable, high-quality solution for managing tire emergencies on the road.